2024 4th International Conference on Control and Intelligent Robotics(ICCIR 2024)
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2024 4th International Conference on Control and Intelligent Robotics (ICCIR 2024) has been successfully held on June 21, 2024

ICCIR 2024 aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences. It also provides the premier multidisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Control and Intelligent Robot. The conference will be held in Sipsongpanna(China).

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 ICCIR 2024 has invited 3 respectable professors as the keynote speakers.


1. Prof. Chun-Yi Su

Concordia University, Canada

Speech Title: Modeling and Parameters Learning of Dielectric Elastomer Enabled Soft Robots via Data-In-Loop Approach


2. Prof. Simon X. Yang

University of Guelph, Canada

Speech Title: Bio-inspired Intelligent Formation Control of MultipleAutonomous Underwater Vehicles


3. Prof. Yajun Liu

South China University Of Technology, China

Speech Title: Application scenario-driven intelligent process system R&D and Industrialization

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1. Weiwei Wang

Shanghai Maritime University, China

Speech Title:Navigation planning of AUV based on sonar rangefinder


2. Hong Hong

Sun Yat-sen University, China

Speech Title:MUISTS: A MAVLink-based UAV Integrated Security Testing System


3. Yuan Bian

Tianjin University, China

Speech Title:Modeling decision model of minimally invasive surgical robot based on multi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm


4. Tao Hu

China Coal Technology and Engineering Group Shanghai Co., Ltd., China

Speech Title: Pedestrian Detection in Underground Coal Mines with an Improved YOLOv7 Algorithm


5. Xiangchen Liu

Shenyang Aerospace University, China

Speech Title:Fractional order PID control of length time-varying flexible manipulator based on RBF neural network compensation


6.Silu Yang

Chengdu Neusoft University, China

Speech Title: U-shaped multilevel feature fusion super-resolution network


7. Chi Zhang

Beijing Institute of Control Engineering, China

Speech Title: Data-driven Adaptive Dynamic Programming  For Servomechanisms


8. Yi Lin Chen

Dongguan University of Technology, China

Speech Title:Traffic Scene Object Detection Based on YOLO Algorithm


8. Jianwen Liu

Neusoft Institute Guangdong, China

Speech Title: Design of intelligent rain-polluted pipeline inspection robot based on embedded vision


The conference focused on the new challenges and new directions facing control and intelligent robotics, and focused on reflecting the latest progress in related technical research in this field. The smooth convening of this conference has extremely promoted the exchange and cooperation between experts and scholars at home and abroad.